Travel 14: Scotland

The Edinburg Fringe Festival! The original Fringe Festival. I can’t say enough about it. Plus, my first time at the Faulty Towers Dining Experience.   Also the day before, Day 1 Scotland, Hadrian’s Wall –

Travel 12: London

So in on my own once again. This time I’m in London, UK. Saying goodbye to the last of Tour 3, and exploring on my own. Tardis’, Book of Mormon, and Harry Potter. And Guardians of the Galaxy. And then Day 2 in London, 15 floors under ground, friends, and a fun Comedy Club: London …
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Travel 10: Italy

THE….COLLUSEUM. Are you not entertained? Other Rome stuff the day before – And the beautiful waters of Venice – And last but not least, the beautiful city of Florence for some fun Karaoke –

Travel 08: Germany

#thesiegeblog #germany Going to haufbrahaus. Very important moment for me. Lots of fun historical stuff. Plus great street music. Plus I got to stand in Haufbrahaus. A black jewish kid eating in a place where Hitler outlined the points for the Nazi party for the first time.   This was a sad time for me. …
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