Performance: Rapier Wit Advanced

Rapier Wit Advanced Intensive January 2018 Very Grateful. Can’t wait to finish. T: @SiegeTO I: @SiegeTO W: B:

Performance: Fancy Nancy

Such a great way to spend Christmas. Thank you to Electric Moon Theatre for letting me be part of their inaugural show. Company: Behind the scenes: T: @SiegeTO I: @SiegeTO W: B: The Trailer:

Performance: Long Doorway – Fight Directing

This newly commissioned work takes as its starting point a 1956 CBC teledrama On Trial The Long Doorway by Canadian screenwriter Stanley Mann. The teledrama tells the story of a rising Black legal aide lawyer who is assigned to represent a young white student who has assaulted a fellow student/rising Black athlete, playing out in locations …
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Performance: The Uglies

I had the honor of participating in a fantastic play written by Nicolas Surges. Performed at the Alumnae Theatre, it was one of the most honest portrayals of humanity I’ve ever experienced. Thank you to our director Michelle Lewis for bringing me on board, and thank you to an amazing cast.   Twitter: @SiegeTO Insta: @SiegeTO …
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Performance: New Agent

I have a new agent! This represents the culmination of many, many, many months of work and searching. I been thanking so many people lately because honestly I couldn’t have done this alone. Hopefully I can live up to the faith that has been put into me as an artist.   464 King Street East …
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Performance: Fight Reel

Chris James’ Fight Reel. Demonstrations include single sword, small sword, rapier and dagger, staff, Kali stick, knife fighting, and unarmed combat. Fighting styles include Kali, Capoeira, Silat and Commando Krav Maga. Very thankful to the people at Rapier Wit for helping me on this journey, and Ilan Rosenberg’s stunts and martial arts centre.  

Performance: IAC at Rapier Wit

15 Days of becoming an Intermediate Actor Combatant. It was hard, brain busting, and tons of fun. Check it out:   Chris James: Twitter: @SiegeTO Insta: @SiegeTO Facebook: /thesiegeblog Website: Rapier Wit: Website: Address: 575 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1G3 Phone: (416) 534-1947

Performance: Pigmania Tour Ending

PERF 08: Pigmania Tour Ending #Educationarts presents the #pigmania tour. The story of the three little pigs. It was a fantastic run. Check out some of the highlights of this year: Company Info Website: Chris James Twitter: @SiegeTO Insta: @SiegeTO Facebook: /thesiegeblog/ Website: See the whole tour: Rehearsal – Dress Rehearsal – …
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